It is the first videogrammetric scanner on the market, which uses a novel technology based on the integration of high resolution video, inertial systems and a complex algorithm to capture a scenario and, through photogrammetric techniques, generate a 3D model.

The scanner allows walking and capturing the scene in motion. The scanner is connected to a tablet where the trajectory followed can be seen in real time and where multiple parameters of the image can be configured.

The procedure to generate the 3D model is fully automatic, is done on a desktop PC.


The 2Freedom 3D Processing software, in addition to processing the 2Freedom V1.0 scanner data, can import and process videos in mp4 format. The 2Freedom algorithm uses the video information to generate a 3D model. 2Freedom scanner data and videos from mobile, drone or other cameras can be integrated in only one automatic process.

The only condition is that the different projects have a common scanned area with a similar point of view.

Do I need internet to scan?

No. Neither for scanning nor for processing, except if you are using 2Freedom Cloud: In this case you need internet to send the data to the Cloud, but not need internet for scanning.

Does the Tablet come with the purchase?

Yes, the tablet is Microsoft Surface and is mandatory and included in the price. Different configurations can be made according to the user’s needs.

Can it be integrated with other 3D scanners?

Yes, absolutely. 2Freedom’s partner software is RealityCapture and it supports importing static or mobile laser scanner data. And this data can be seamlessly integrated with the scanner data and create a single project.

How accurate is it?

If the capture is very close to the element (around 1m) the accuracy is 2-3mm. We must consider that you can aim at a very close element but you need to move around. In various tests, in 10 minute captures at 1m or 1.5m distance to the object (closing where you started: loop closure) the accuracy was 5mm RMS.

Increasing the distance to the object and not closing the capture (Loop closure) can generate more inaccuracies. But in capture at 20 metres distance with heterogeneous textures and closing the capture, the accuracies have been 18mm in 5 minutes of capture.


*Indoor environment must be well illuminated and have non homogeneous walls or elements. Reflective surfaces should be avoided. Generally speaking, Accuracy depends on the following factors:
– Distance to the scanned object.
– Texture of the object (homogeneous or heterogeneous).
– If the trajectory passes through known locations (loop closures) the accuracy will improve.

Does it work well indoors?

It is not a question of indoors and outdoors. For the scanner to obtain good accuracies, the environment must be well lit and have heterogeneous textures, as well as avoiding reflective surfaces or glass.

It is true that in well-painted house interiors with a single homogeneous colour, the system has problems finding homologous points and will generate significant distortions. On the other hand, a homogeneous colour in exteriors has no problem to be scanned.

How much does it cost?

The price may fluctuate slightly depending on the characteristics of the tablet and the country. It is therefore best to contact info@2Freedom for a quotation.

What kind of support does 2Freedom offer?

The support is full, very close and unconditional. At 2Freedom we want the customer to get the most out of the 2Freedom scanner and its software. Therefore, we will help our customers to find the best solution to their problem by taking the necessary time to find the solution.

It should be noted that the 2Freedom team has extensive experience in the realisation of projects in the targeted applications: archaeology, heritage, architecture, construction, urban planning, accident reconstruction, geology and others.

What are the minimum requirements?

The scanner is connected to the Microsoft Surface PRO Tablet; and this tablet is included in the purchase. Regarding the scanning data processing, 2Freedom has two ways of processing the data:

A. Process using 2Freedom Cloud. In this case the scanned data is sent from the tablet to a server where it is automatically processed. The user will be able to open the data from his PC independently of his SSOO. Therefore, this option has no minimum requirements.

B. If the user prefers to Process everything on his PC, he needs:
Windows 7 or higher, with NVidia graphics card and 8GB RAM or more. We recommend a processor equivalent to or higher than i5 and a hard disk equal to or higher than 500GB.

Do you want to Try it at your Home?

2Freedom has a Try & Buy service. With this service you can test the system for free at your home or office for 2 days before you buy it.

Contact us at info@2freedom.net and we will get back to you with details of the Try&Buy service.


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